Official BC Game License

BC Game holds an official license from a recognized gaming authority, ensuring a safe and regulated environment for players. This license serves as a testament to BC Game's commitment to fair gameplay, security, and transparency, providing players with peace of mind while enjoying their online gaming experience. With an official BC Game license, players can confidently explore a wide range of exciting games, knowing that their interests are protected by reputable governing bodies.

License Information

BC Game is proud to hold a license from the Commercial Register of Curaçao under the registration number 158182. This esteemed license, issued on 23rd August 2021, demonstrates BC Game’s compliance with the strict regulations and standards set forth by the licensing authority. The registration address of Emancipatie Boulevard Dominica F. “Don” Martina 31, Curaçao further confirms the official recognition and legitimacy of BC Game’s operations. With this license, BC Game ensures a trustworthy and secure platform for players, offering a diverse range of thrilling online gaming experiences. Players can rest assured that BC Game’s license affirms their commitment to providing a fair and enjoyable gaming environment.

Proof of Legitimacy BC Game in India

BC Game’s legitimacy in India is backed by several key factors. Firstly, BC Game operates under a recognized license from a reputable gaming authority, ensuring compliance with international standards and regulations. This license serves as proof of BC Game’s legitimacy and commitment to providing a safe and secure gaming platform for Indian players.

BC Game’s reputation as a trusted online casino is supported by positive feedback and reviews from Indian players. Their satisfied user base speaks to the fairness of the games, the reliability of the platform, and the efficiency of their customer support.

BC Game actively caters to the Indian market by accepting Indian rupees as a currency and providing localized customer support in multiple languages spoken in India. These efforts demonstrate BC Game’s commitment to serving Indian players and accommodating their specific needs.

Excluded territories

With a license from the Curacao Gaming Commission, the betting company can now operate legal online gambling and accept sports bets from all nations that have endorsed the legitimacy of this jurisdiction. There are a few places on this list where the Curacao license cannot be used. China, France, the United States, the Netherlands, the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Costa Rica, Saba, Statia, Saint Martin, and the United States are among the nations on the prohibited list.

Waiver of Trademark Ownership Rights

Waiver of trademark ownership rights refers to the voluntary relinquishment or abandonment of one’s exclusive rights over a particular trademark. It involves giving up the legal protection and control associated with owning a trademark, allowing others to use and exploit it without infringement. By waiving trademark ownership rights, individuals or organizations effectively renounce their ability to prevent others from using the trademark in question. This action can occur through a formal legal process or through explicit written documentation, signaling the intent to disclaim any proprietary claims over the trademark. It is important to note that a waiver of trademark ownership rights should be approached with caution, as it can have significant implications for intellectual property protection and brand recognition.


BC.Game is a reputable online gaming platform that may possess its own trademarks. Trademarks associated with BC.Game serve as distinctive identifiers, representing the brand and distinguishing its products or services from others in the market. These trademarks may include logos, names, slogans, or other recognizable symbols that are legally protected and owned by BC.Game.

It is important to respect BC.Game’s trademarks and refrain from using them without proper authorization. Unauthorized use of trademarks can lead to legal consequences, as it infringes upon BC.Game’s intellectual property rights. To ensure compliance and avoid any legal issues, it is advisable to seek permission or obtain a license from BC.Game if you intend to use their trademarks for any purpose.


❓ What does BC Game's license from Curaçao signify for players?

BC Game’s Curaçao license confirms its adherence to international gaming standards, ensuring a secure and fair gaming environment for players.

❓ How does BC Game prove its legitimacy in India?

BC Game’s legitimacy in India is established through positive player feedback and tailored services for the Indian market.

❓ Are there any geographical restrictions for playing on BC Game?

Yes, BC Game cannot operate in certain territories like China, France, the USA, and some parts of the Netherlands due to its Curaçao license restrictions.

❓ What is a waiver of trademark ownership rights?

A waiver of trademark ownership rights is voluntarily giving up legal control and protection of a trademark, allowing others to use it freely.

❓ Why are trademarks important for BC.Game?

Trademarks are crucial for BC.Game as they represent the brand’s identity and ensure its services are distinguishable from others, offering legal protection against unauthorized use.

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